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Why Training Programs and New Year’s Resolutions Usually Fail

Training and New Year’s resolutions are more similar than we may think, both, for instance, are looking to accomplish results different than the status quo. Recognizing that there is a problem is only part of the process.

Whether you are looking to improve performance metrics or lose about twenty pounds you are looking to implement and foster change. Successful performance metrics come from a learned behavior, one that comes subconsciously and is done without a second thought. Losing weight is similar but you are learning new behaviors to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can lose those twenty pounds and keep them off. At the end of the day, you have to decide that the pros of changing your organization and or lifestyle outweigh the cons of staying the same.

Why They Fail

There is a good chance that people establish New Year’s resolutions because of pressures to do so. The same could be said for training and a push from corporate demanding something be finished before the end of the quarter. This is especially true when it's a training initiative that people are forced to do, thus creating negativity around the training in general. Simply put, they may not have been ready to establish any goals or training. How are you tracking your progress simply by going through the motions? The answer is you’re not and are more than likely setting yourself up for failure.

Keep in mind:

  • If an individual isn’t interested, everything else is of little consequence no matter how much planning you have done

  • The path of least resistance is the most tempting and easiest to fall back into

  • Negative language surrounding tasks and goals is one of the quickest ways to lose morale

How to Succeed

Taking a step back and analyzing the issue to identify exactly what is preventing the desired outcome is essential to success. Once the obstacles are identified you can then develop an appropriate action plan. Setting unique goals for yourself and or your organization is like finding your perfect accountability partner. The right partner helps you to expand your skills and capabilities so that you can tackle challenges head-on! You will take on your training and resolutions filled with intention and feeling empowered because of it.


  • It is helpful to craft a blended solution that utilizes all of the tools and techniques available to you

  • If you want to be successful ensure that the essential skills and support have been provided

  • Set expectations and hold people accountable

  • Zero in on what the issues are and what goals need to be accomplished

  • Develop your action plan or training around specific goals

  • Performance feedback for the learner should already be a part of your business model

  • Providing support after training is essential.

A one-and-done approach is not the answer. Expecting someone to have a single training or workout session and be completely sufficient or have perfect form is unrealistic.

If you find yourself in need of an accountability partner to help you succeed

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