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In-House Troubleshooting

Another notable project was completed for a client needing to create a knowledge base that would enable staff to train new employees more effectively.


The tools in this case included:

  • CSV files,

  • RedMine project management software.


Using these two components, along with Python, we designed a method to parse the CSV and then directly import the information into RedMine with full text indexing.


This process has allowed the support personnel to:

  • Search the application for historical system errors;

  • Resolve similar problems in a timely manner; and

  • Identify common solutions for future troubleshooting.


The customized solution for this client was minimal in cost, as the client required neither additional software or training to implement the new application.


Image of a screen from the issues screen of a project database
Image of a computer monitor showing a large yellow hazard sign with a green checkmark over it.
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