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The Benefits of Microlearning vs. Chunking

Corporate success is within your reach if it can stand upon a foundation of a well developed plan and support system. As the prime lead of your business, for starters, you must thoughtfully converse with your fellow employees to find the necessities of any skill gap, area of performance or increase in engagement and retention. Once you have identified these needs, it is time to start planning for a training program. But where would you start?

A look into your company's objectives and the learning style of your employees will be the next step. Two popular learning modes, microlearning and chunking, are some examples that can help you find a suitable method for learners within your team.

Microlearning, an appropriate choice for corporate and commercial training, is a far less time-consuming learning mode that keeps the knowledge of its content short with a variety of interactive tools on a more engaging platform. Depending on the topic, it allows for fast, easy delivery of knowledge and increases a learner's retention based on how it is conducted, more consumable than chunking. However, the learner will be reduced to only the basic concept of most topics versus the preparation to tackle a more complex form of knowledge to practice with.

Chunking, on the other hand, is a great way in organizing complex information into smaller digestible learning segments. This particular style is well known for having the learning content converted into bite-sized chunks, and to therefore have each chunk of the main whole mastered one at a time until the act becomes insensible in due time. Although chunking provides more of a structure leading towards a learning habit than microlearning, it may lead to less interaction with the learner or derive to content with less visual or scenario-based learning.

Luckily, at 3S Technologies, we assist in adjusting a development program to your needs. Our approach respects the availability and learning styles of all users within your team, allowing those individuals to pick and choose activities and modules that work for them while still delivering the learning they want and need.

  • Self-assessment Surveys with custom feedback!

  • Virtual Lectures to watch, respond and engage with.

  • Workshops with video-based instruction, simulation and scenario-based learning.

We will be glad to work with you in finding potential shortfalls within the technology as well as value the needs of your organization and the individual users to ensure satisfaction and knowledge retention.

Contact 3S Technologies and speak with us on how we can analyze, create and elaborate on the right development plan and support system for your organization today.

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